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Offering Choice for Music-lovers with Dementia

People with dementia
Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's disease
Movement disorders
Music therapy groups
Familiar, much-loved music can offer profound benefits for the elderly and those living with dementia. The UK-designed and manufactured Simple Music Player offers exceptional build and sound quality - and it's so simple to use!
To further enhance and simplify the listening experience, we also offer to load a favourite album at no extra cost.
Retro Red $299 exc. Freight

Burr Walnut
Was  $349
Now $299 exc. Freight
Racing Green $299 exc. Freight

Easy to operate!

To operate the Simple Music Player, there are just three controls:
  • Start playing music - just lift the lid
  • Skip this song - press the big button
  • Stop the music - close the lid
The music will continue from where it was last stopped. Volume is set by depressing concealed buttons underneath the unit: press and hold for a few seconds to alter volume.
A green socket is provided at the rear for your headphones.
If you are experienced at transferring files, you could load your own tunes. Download this PDF for detailed instructions.
Download this PDF for technical Specifications.
More information? Click 'Read more' below.

  • Why is the burr-walnut version more expensive?
    A special technique and a more expensive production process is used to achieve this attractive finish. The casing is vacuum formed not injection moulded for the burr-walnut version.

  • How many tunes can be uploaded?
    The internal memory is set at a minimum of 4GB or 'far more than you probably need'. Obviously the length of individual songs, and the file format has an influence on the capacity but typically this can be 1500 - 2000 songs (over three days worth of continual play, which then loops back to the beginning). To some extent this is an academic question since most people with dementia are more than happy with a much smaller song list of, say, 25 familiar tunes.

  • Can I use headphones?
    There is a headphone socket provided in the rear of the unit. Plugging in headphones immediately cuts out the main speaker. The socket is the light green one, the same as on your computer.

  • What are the two other sockets on the back panel?
    These sockets override the ’ON/OFF’ and ’NEXT TRACK’ controls for use with third-party switches.

  • Does it upload from Apple devices?
    'Yes', Simple Music Players have an Apple compatible USB interface. It can handle the .m4a file format directly from iTunes (Please note that it is not an Apple device so it cannot play 'Apple protected' .m4p downloads).

  • Many free file converters can be downloaded from the internet which convert your music into MP3 format. Don’t be too concerned about which version of MP3 file you have, the Simple Music Player handles them all. However, for best results convert you files into mono and choose a higher bit rate (greater than 128kbs).

  • When I use remote switches it stops when I press the switch but starts when I release is again?
    You have the main lid open. To use external or remote switches you need the lid to be in the down position.
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The Memory Lane Story

In 2008, our mum suffered a series of mini-strokes resulting in symptoms of dementia. She was a classical music-lover and a talented piano teacher who positively influenced the lives of many young people. Her increasing inability to operate her beloved stereo was difficult for us to observe and set us on a path to find an easy-to-operate solution that could benefit others.

Our search eventually lead us to the Simple Music Player designed especially for those with dementia, Alzheimer's, and similar cognitive challenges.

We discovered that familiar, much-loved music can offer profound benefits for those living with dementia and that playing recognisable music can be a key to enhancing mental well-being and social engagement far beyond its value as entertainment.

"I just wanted to let you know the player has been a success with my father. He really struggles with two mechanical actions in a row and is easily confused by too many buttons, so the radio has been perfect for him. He is also very proud that he can show me has learnt something new. The ability to listen to music has added joy to his life and it is lovely to hear him singing. Thank you prompt and helpful service". Rachel, Whangarei.

How to Order

Simply email or phone us with your choice of colour and a preferred free album, suggesting a second option in case your first is not available.

Once freight is calculated, we will email you an invoice and freight your item. Please remember your contact details and any special requests when ordering.

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Christchurch and Dunedin can often be overnight delivery with provincial and rural NZ taking slightly longer.

Pricing & freight

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