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Memory Lane was founded by Les Jones – Owner of Aorangi and Harding Memorials and a long-standing member of the New Zealand Master Monumental Masons’ Association (NZMMMA).

Creating living

Based in Timaru, South Canterbury, Aorangi and Harding Memorials specialise in custom-made headstones, traditionally cast memorial plaques, handmade bluestone monuments, and photo-fused porcelain accents – All timeless tributes for loved ones.

For many years, the traditional size of headstones, plaques and monuments meant families and friends struggled to share their loved one’s life story in a way that truly honoured their fullness. Now, with smartphones and QR codes quickly becoming part of everyday life – Families no longer need to fit a lifetime of memories on a single headstone…

Memory Lane combines timeless memorials with modern technologies to give family and friends the opportunity to tell their loved one’s life story in a fully personalised way. Each custom-made Memory Lane Memorial Page includes space for a range of photos and a full page story. On Memory Lane, people around the world have the ability to contribute to a fully customised memorial online.

All of Memory Lane’s digital tributes are accessible via a custom engraved QR code that can be easily affixed to any headstone, plaque, monument, or park bench. Each unique QR code links to a personalised Memory Lane Memorial Page designed to showcase a one-of-a-kind memorial online with easy access at all times. Memory Lane – Celebrating a journey, a bond, a memory, and a life.

“Through my work as a monumental mason, I noticed people wanting to pay the kind of tribute that just wouldn’t fit on a headstone… Now, I can offer a fitting tribute with Memory Lane.” – Les Jones – Founder of Memory Lane

Create, share and celebrate a lifetime of memories
Memory Lane combines timeless traditions with modern technology to create fitting tributes.

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