To access your-custom made Memory Lane Memorial Page, simply scan your bespoke QR code with the camera of any modern smartphone, or mobile device (Android, or Apple) with internet access (WiFi, or 3G/5G).

The QR Code is a small, thin plate – 25mm wide and 30mm high – very discreet, and will fit on any memorial.

Most modern smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Oppo have the power to scan QR codes instantly via their built-in camera. For phones, or devices without this capability, NeoReader is a free/low-cost app that enables iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices to scan QR codes with ease.

The starting price for a custom-made Memory Lane Memorial Page is $300.00 inc GST. Each Memory Lane subscription includes NZ-wide track and trace delivery of your bespoke QR code. Additional QR codes can be purchased for $50.00 inc GST.

Memory Lane only accepts memories in digital format, which includes digital photos and scanned images. Acceptable file types for your Memory Lane Memorial Page include JPG and PNG with 1920 x 1080 pixels being the ideal size for top-quality images across all devices.

All of your files can be uploaded via the unique link you’ll receive in your Memory Lane welcome email.

Memory Lane cannot accept hard copies of documents, or photos, however your local print shop, stationery store, or library may be able to scan and email documents to your nominated email address.

Once your payment has been received and your memories have been uploaded to your unique digital storage folder, you can expect to receive your engraved QR code within 14 days. We will email you to advise it has been couriered, and include the digital version of the QR code (pdf file).

We generate an invoice which you'll receive and payment to be made by direct credit.

Every Memory Lane Memorial Page is fully visible to the public.

Your Memory Lane Memorial Page will be visible for the length of your subscription. All of your submitted memories will also remain in your secure personal folder for the length of your subscription. You’ll receive an email with an option to renew your subscription 30 days before it expires.

Developed in Japan in 1994, a QR code (quick response code) works like a high-speed barcode that’s accessible via WiFi enabled smartphones.

Simply scan your bespoke QR code with any WiFi enabled smart device and you’ll be taken to your custom-made Memory Lane Memorial Page.

QR codes allow users to access the attached web page in seconds, so they don’t have to type in every letter of a lengthy web address (URL).

You’ll need to have WiFi, 3G, or 5G available at your loved one’s resting place for your bespoke QR code to work. As a result, Memory Lane may not be suitable for rural cemeteries, or urupa, as QR codes rely on a stable internet connection. Some newer phones have an ‘Options’ feature so you can share, or copy, or view it later – even if there isn’t good wifi.

Yes, additional QR codes can be ordered for $50 + GST.

Yes, our QR codes are 25mm x 30mm with heavy-duty adhesive tape on the back, so you can attach them to both new and existing monuments, plaques, or any other flat surface.

Our bespoke QR codes have a heavy-duty permanent adhesive tape on the back that can be attached to any flat surface, whether smooth, or rough. Your Memory Lane Memento Pack includes instructions for affixing your QR code to any surface.

Your bespoke QR code will not expire, however your custom-made Memory Lane Memorial Page needs an active subscription. You’ll receive an opportunity to renew your subscription 30 days prior to your subscription’s expiry.

Yes, the internet offers a variety of ways to generate QR codes for free, however the level of time required to create a D.I.Y digital memorial makes the ease of Memory Lane worth every penny.

Yes, your custom-made Memory Lane Memorial Page can be viewed through the unique link that you’ll receive in your welcome email. You can share this link online via social media, or email.

All memories are held on Memory Lane’s secure server with backup files inside your unique digital storage folder. For technical issues, our support team is available for swift resolutions all year round.

No, Memory Lane is not suitable for public comments, however all pages can be shared on social media and personal blogs, which often have the ability to receive comments.

Memory Lane is located at Aorangi Harding Memorials in Timaru, South Canterbury.

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